by Mar 6, 2022

Now, the very first thing to mention about this recipe is that it is NOT edible. I know that is strange since this is a cooking blog, but I just could not resist because Ooey-gooey is an incredibly fun thing to make. Just two ingredients are needed; three if you want to add food coloring. According to my grandson, Eli, “This is the BEST slime ever!” I agree- it is better than any store bought version.

I used to make this frequently when I taught young children. And of course, it spilled over –literally–into my home life. The first time I made it at home, the kids loved it. But Allen was also fascinated with it. I remember that he was watching basketball on TV. It must not have been an important Spartan game, because he zoned out as he stretched and manipulated the ooey-gooey. Allen was not usually calm while watching any sports event!

This is so simple to make: start with equal parts of liquid starch and white school glue. Measure out the liquid starch into a bowl first and then the glue. That way, the glue slides right out of the measuring cup.

If you want to color the ooey-gooey, add a few drops of food coloring at this time. Start stirring the mixture together, but don’t expect it to blend well right away. It will look gloppy and like it couldn’t possibly come together. Continue stirring until you start to see some larger globs.

At this point, you will need to get your hands into the mixture, remove the glob from the bowl. I usually end up with some extra starch in the bowl that is never fully blended in. Make sure you have a safe plastic placemat or something similar to protect table or countertops. I used Grandson Eli’s Spiderman placemat.

It will still look strange, but just start stretching and pulling the mixture repeatedly. If it feels too sticky, dip it back into the starch to coat it a bit more.

You can see in the pictures how the ooey-gooey starts to blend, emulsify and form bubbles. Eventually it it will become a beautiful, smooth, stretchy piece of slime. Kids (and adults) will spend hours pulling, pushing, and stretching the ooey-gooey.


1/4 cup liquid starch

1/4 cup white school glue

Food Coloring

Measure the liquid starch, then the glue into a bowl. Add food coloring. Stir until you get large blobs. Pull the messy mass up out of the bowl. Hold it over the bowl as you pull and stretch it until it is a cohesive blob with bubbles. Have Fun!

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