Hello, I’m Anne and I want to thank you for visiting my blog; I am excited that you are here! That good looking guy in the photo with me is my husband, Allen. In many ways, and in all the important ways, this blog is our story.

About 20 years ago Allen was helping me put freshly made bread and homemade soup into bags and containers, for about the fourth time in three weeks. He was always supportive and helpful with any/many cooking adventures. But this time Allen said, “Okay, dear, do you think we can stop feeding the world now?” I smile every time I think of that comment.

Allen was my true love, and he kept me happy and somewhat sane for almost 50 years before he left this world. I owe my love of cooking to him. He taught me how to cook. Not in the traditional way of teaching techniques, but in his special way of being receptive and responsive to any effort I made when it came to cooking. I like trying unfamiliar recipes, exploring various cuisines, attempting culinary creations that require new learning. Allen tried anything I came up with and was usually kind in his evaluation of my attempts: “Wow, I really like this!” “No,dear, this is fine, uhh, I like to chew for a long time,” or even, “Well, I kind of like it like this (insert word here …under-cooked…slightly burnt…sour…mushy…). “

I often think of Allen when I am in the kitchen.  He was a great prep cook, and peeled many apples and potatoes, chopped a lot of carrots, grated mountains of cheese.  Allen used to wield a double-handled knife to break up hard blocks of chocolate for many desserts.

And he was masterful at figuring out how to safely transport wedding cakes. Allen even stood guard over the cooler, in the rain and spray of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, as we took a wedding cake on a ferry across the straits of Mackinac to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

This blog is dedicated to Allen, my husband, my support, my love. He taught me how to cook for those you love.